Posh is an all natural nail salon providing an enjoyable & safe environment free of harmful fumes such as acrylic.  We service manicurespedicuresgel polish, waxing & individual eyelash extensions. The specific techniques and products we use ensure your natural nails or lashes are in a optimum healthy condition & nail polish or lash extensions are prolonged.

We follow a very strict sanitizing protocol to ensure safety. All steel implements such as nail clippers, cuticle pushers, and cuticle cutters are properly sanitized after each use by:

1. Hand brushed with soap & water.

2. Immersed in hospital grade barbacide.

3. Placed in sterilization pouches then put under sterilization UV to destroy any remaining pathogens.

In addition, our pedicure thrones are equipped with advanced pipe-less spa jets & prevents the accumulation of bacteria, soap, oil scums etc. found in the pipes of traditional jets. Traditional jets suck in water and shoots it out to create a whirl pool effect. The advanced pipe-less spa jets has a removable self propeller that mimics this motion.

All of our pedicure massage chairs are from Human Touch. They are easily the leading provider of high quality state-of-the-art massage products. With their patented massage system which replicates techniques used by massage therapist, you can expect a wonderful experience.

Appointments and walk-ins are available:

Appointments have priority over walk-ins. If clients are late by 10 minutes for an appointment, the next awaiting client will be taken. To save some waiting time, we advise walk-in clients to call ahead for an estimated wait period or make an appointment. Clients should sign in their name on our waiting list before any services at the reception.


Large parties such as bridals, etc. should call us approximately a week in advance so we can reserve the salon for a specific time period of the day for you. We will work together on hosting the party & you may bring food and beverages.