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What Are EyeLash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are the application of individual synthetic lashes applied to each eyelash using medical grade adhesive. The synthetic lashes never come into contact with your skin, only the eyelash itself. There are variety of eyelashes that come in all different lengths, thickness, curl shapes, look and durability. We have done extensive research and only use the highest quality silk lashes on the market to ensure softness, durability, and longevity made by Borbeleta.

Posh Lash Consultation

Upon arrival, you will discuss the look you desire with our expert lash technician. Each service with be specifically tailored to achieve what you want. We will discuss the different lash types and designs best suited for your eyes. A beautiful natural look is what most want, but can range from naturally understated to glamour and achieving this will differ for everyone.


Volume Set - $225 [2 hrs]

2 wk refill   $75   [30 - 45 mins]

3 wk refill   $90   [45 - 60 mins]

4 wk refill   $105   [60 - 75 mins]

Natural Set Eyelashes - $150  [1.5-2 hrs]

1 wk refill   $40   [20 - 30 mins]

2 wk refill   $55   [30 - 45 mins]

3 wk refill   $80   [45 - 60 mins]

 Mixed Set - $200 [1 hr 45 mins]

2 wk refill   $65   [1 hour ]

3 wk refill   $80   [1 hour ]

4 wk refill   $95   [1 hr 20 min ] 

Lash Removal  -  $25   [15 mins]    

(Appointments only)

Fully Licensed & Insured Esthetician and

Certified Borbeleta Eyelash Education

An important fact is the State of Pennsylvania requires all those who perform this eyelash extension service must be licensed in either cosmetology or esthetician, and we are proud that we are fully licensed and insured. This is to make sure you are safe! For anyone working around the eyes, it is absolutely essential to be clean and safe. We hold ourselves to the highest standard.