Love this salon. Carol is so talented, great technique. I’ve only been here twice but both times my nails have looked amazing. I don’t know all the girls names yet but they know mine and they are warm and welcoming. I have lived in Havertown my whole life and this is by far the best nail salon around.
— 3/9/2018, Jaime S. Havertown, PA
o (8).jpg
o (7).jpg

Linda does an immaculate mani and she’s a joy to talk to. I am really picky about my nails and this is the best gel mani I’ve had in a while. Not too thick and didn’t go too close to cuticles, shaped perfectly. It’s just perfect I’m at a loss for any other descriptive adjective. My search is over finally. A lot of my nails chipped within less than two weeks but I think maybe I was just really hard on my hands as of late. When I am not so hard gel manicures tend to last three weeks, but I would be totally willing to give this place another shot, because the manicure here was so well done.
— 1/13/2018, Lily S. Philadelphia, PA

I was trying to find a nail salon to take me a few days before Christmas, after getting turned down at two places I stopped in at Posh. They were booked solid, but they saw the disappointment on my face and I told them how I couldn’t find a place to do my nails. Carol was so kind, and offered to stay late to do my nails! Carol did an AMAZING JOB. She made my severely damaged nails look beautiful! Everyone in the shop was so kind and helpful I already booked an appointment to go back! I would HIGHLY recommend Posh to anyone who wants a quality manicure and impeccable customer service!
— 12/22/2017, Jessica R. Havertown, PA

I found Posh Nails through Yelp almost 2 years ago. I will not go anywhere else!! All the ladies do a great job. Most times I see Carol. She also does my eyebrows. In a subtle and kind way she convinced me to grow them out. She was soooo right!! I haven’t done the eyelash extensions yet but they also look pretty awesome.
— 10/29/2017, Monique F. Havertown, PA

Express pedi!! Loved it. Lovely color options!! They have polish without lead and formaldehyde!!! Staff are friendly and it’s clean inside. A plus plus plus it doesn’t smell like a nailery inside which is key- I’m preggo
— 4/7/2018, Angela F. Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been to Posh twice now and I’m a fan! The women who work here are super welcoming and friendly. The salon is cozy, clean and bright. And the manicures are perfection! Thanks to Phila, Em and Carol for making me feel so at home!
— 7/15/2017, Shelley L. Ardmore, PA
Got a mani/pedi done here a few months ago for a wedding. It came out fabulous. I should note though that they do not do fake tips. THEY DO NOT DO FAKE TIPS. The girls are all professional and the work they do is wonderful. You can pay with a card but you either can’t leave a tip on the card, or you have to tell them before they run it. I forget which one. Be prepared to bring cash for a tip. There’s no ATM in the salon and I couldn’t find one close by either.
— 10/29/2017, April D. Drexel Hill, PA

I stumbled upon Carol, searching for a salon to get my Mani/ pedi for my 40th birthday. That was 2yrs ago and I have been her client ever since. Her shop is extremely clean, and I love the fact that it is an all natural salon. She only takes appointments and I have never had a long wait to get serviced. I guarantee if you visit once you will be a returning customer!!!
— 9/12/2017, Remah T. Drexel Hill, PA

I love POSH! They are so professional and prompt! The staff is very welcoming and make me feel relaxed. I really do look forward to catching up with the staff on my appointments. Most importantly, their work is amazing! If you’re feeling a little on the edge ask for a design- they are amazing at that!
— 6/23/2017, Tunde O. Philadelphia, PA

Loving my romantique french mani!! And my pretty long lashes!! I’m all set for this wedding on Friday! Thank you Carol!! :)
— 6/21/2017, Kathleen M. Upper Darby, PA
o (3).jpg
o (2).jpg

This is by far the best place for a mani, pedi, waxing & eyelash extensions! The women here are smart, funny & highly skilled in their art. My gel manicures have lasted for 3 weeks+ w/out chipping or fading. I know...hate to go that long but you know how it is when you can’t find the time!

I adore that they talk w/ you in English. There’s nothing more annoying when your tech is talking to their colleague in another language & you just know it’s about you! Annoying! I’m Filipino by the way & I’d never think to speak in Tagalog in front of a client.

So, go see these remarkable ladies @ POSH. I’m their biggest fan. Carol, the owner is adorbs & the best on the Main Line (I live in Wynnewood) & could easily go toe to toe w/ any salon on Route 30.
— 6/6/2017, Chris D. Wynnewood, PA

Oh. My goodness. It was my first time in Posh and I was stoked. I brought my lovely, young sister-in-law and my beautiful fiancée (who helped me pick my colors). This was my sister-in-law’s first time getting her nails done. She was excited to pick out her colors and got her nails painted first. She said she had a wonderful experience and the lady that helped her was really nice!

Next, it was my turn; Carol did my nails. She was really nice, listened to my design idea (i.e. roses and stripes), and said she loves doing roses because they’re simple and fun. Surrounding people wanted to see the finished results. Honestly, everyone, including the clients, were so friendly and had a great sense of humor! I loved watching Carol’s methods; she was very precise and knew exactly what she was doing! Everyone loved the design, including myself. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but think, “this is my new go-to nail salon!”

The whole thing actually felt really quick (not rushed) and I was more than pleased with the quality and affordable price! I will be returning and will spread the word to keep this wonderful place in business.

Keep it up, Posh!
— 5/9/2017, Jenn W. Clifton Heights, PA
o (1).jpg

Fabulous salon...I live in Massachusetts but I’m from the area. I usually head over to one of the many nail salons in downtown Ardmore, but Posh had such great Yelp reviews that I decided to give it a try. First time was last December, most recent time was today. I couldn’t be happier - they are super nice and do a great job. The atmosphere is very relaxing. My only complaint is that they’re not in MA so I can’t come more often.
— 4/19/2017, Jen C. Andover, MA
Love this salon! They always squeeze me in to accommodate my busy schedule and the atmosphere of the salon is great. Love coming back every two weeks!
— 4/20/2017, Mira W. Freeland, PA
I’ve really loved the customer service and overall nail service I have received in all visits here. Carol is great.
— 3/24/2017, Nikki B. Philadelphia, PA

I love Posh. They give great manis/pedis. I have never had a bad mani/pedi here. They take their time and are very focused on giving you the best service. They do not try to upsell you on any other services. They do not do tips. I get a gel mani which lasts me 3 weeks and still looks good! My suggestion is to make an appointment. They also do waxing and eyelashes. You will not be disappointed!
— 5/25/2017, Felice L. Havertown, PA
Dawn is my go-to nail technician. I followed her from another salon she’s so good- Great attention to detail, impeccable work and her manicures and pedicures last! The salon has great prices and a very laid-back atmosphere.
— 3/26/2017, Christy H. Drexel Hill, PA

Got a few gel manicures here. I was going from acrylics to just gel manicures, so I messaged them through yelp with a few questions beforehand, and Carol answered very quickly. Not much to the place looking from the outside, but the inside is the cutest and cleanest nail salon I’ve ever seen. Quality gel manicures and service. Carol did my nails the few times I went in, and she is also the business owner. I would highly recommend her. Got to talking about her business endeavors, etc, and she is a super impressive, young professional. Would highly recommend this place!
— 2/21/2017, Nikki R. Austin, TX

After trying several nail salons I finally found the one that makes me the happiest! I love that they really pay attention to details and always do my nails perfectly, also they all are great with the customers, they always have made me feel welcome! I just love this place :)
— 12/2/2016, Jessica N. Drexel Hill, PA

I honestly have no idea how I didn’t find Posh until now! My girlfriend and I made appointments for 6:00pm for the Posh Pedicure and Spa Manicure. The two ladies who worked with us were so friendly and we felt like we made two new friends by the end of the night. The salon is BYOB (try finding another salon that lets you bring in a bottle of wine while you get pampered)! I was very pleased with the color I chose and my friend loved hers too! We were at the salon until just before 8:00pm which I feel guilty about now seeing that they close at 6:30pm which is also why my rating is so high. The ladies stayed at the salon for us and didn’t even say anything when I made our appointments for 6:00 knowing it would take them much longer than half an hour. I haven’t been this pleased with a salon in a VERY long time! This place is a gem! Small store and comfortable atmosphere. Doesn’t feel like a factory salon. It’s like you’re having a girls night with your best friends. Definitely coming back!
— 10/21/2016, Becca N. Ocean City, NJ

Hands down, the absolute best place in the area to get your nails done. Carol is the most amazing manicurist I have ever had. My cousin and I both love her. She is really detail oriented, asks every step of the way if everything is okay, and never fails to impress. Seriously, the first time I ever went, she did a pinterest design for that looked identical to the picture. She’s awesome.

The prices are also ridiculously affordable. It is so much cheaper than I am used to in Center City and, unlike in the city, I never feel rushed. I am also a really awkwardly quiet person and for me to say I feel comfortable here (which I do), says a lot about the salon as a whole.
— 9/22/2016, Ryna K. Philadelphia, PA

Wow. I had such a great experience here. Their perfect reviews are well-deserved. First off the salon was clean and intimate. I came at 9:30am and they took me without any issues. Right from the start I knew I wanted a design from Pintrest and the manicurist did not flinch. She was open to replicating it. Sometimes asking for a nail design can be like asking a nail tech to perform surgery, so I was already impressed. In terms of my nails themselves, they came out looking so shiny and cute. They almost resembled press-ons. She helped me pick out the perfect nude shade for my nails and executed the design I showed her quite well. I really liked how the nail tech understood me, was very conversational, and that the salon itself did not feel like a factory churning out sloppy results. The staff was young and their nail designs seem to be on-trend. I will definitely be back here!
— 9/19/2016, Casey P. Philadelphia, PA

Love the pedicures here. The experience is relaxing and professional. The polish stays on for weeks without chipping. Everything is very clean also.
— 9/13/2016, Stacey T. Havertown, PA
They do an excellent job! My shellac manicure lasts 2 weeks. Nice atmosphere in salon.
— 8/30/2016, Mary Joan L. Springfield, PA
Fantastic gel mani and spa pedi this evening! Carol fit me in last minute, did a beautiful job and was super pleasant to chat with. This salon is top notch!
— 8/19/2016, Elizabeth G. Santa Rosa, CA
I love Posh! The girls are seriously so nice, it makes you feel like you are getting your nails done by your friends. The prices are very reasonable and my gel mani usually lasts between 2-3 weeks. They also always have the newest colors. FYI no acrylic manicures here.
— 7/28/2016, Meghan G. Springfield, PA

This place is a neighborhood gem! I can’t give a higher recommendation!
I made an appointment for a spa pedicure and manicure and I was taken promptly by Tina who was very friendly and personable. The store was clean and I felt completely relaxed and taken care of the entire time; I never felt rushed as I have so often at some of the other big salons in the area. Instead, I felt like the nail technicians here actually cared.
Tina was very conscientious throughout the pedicure, and when I showed her a nail art photo from Pinterest for my nails, she offered suggestions about what would work best. The color she suggested over the one I originally picked game out PERFECTLY, and she worked so diligently and thoroughly to make sure I got 3 coats to make the best color.
The salon uses light machines for their gel manicures rather than the UV machines that many people are concerned with; also, they use sensitive wax for their waxing services. I normally am completely red following eyebrow waxing and after Carol’s very competent service I was barely red at all.
I will absolutely be returning!
— 7/27/2016, Sarah C. North Wildwood, NJ

I found this nail salon on Yelp and let me tell you.....the reviews that other people left did this place justice. I’ve been to the salon twice and going again tomorrow. The staff is super friendly and they do an amazing job, especially with gel. My manicure last about 2 weeks and even at 2 weeks they still look pretty darn good. The work they do and the professionalism they have is top notch. If your looking for a great place, cool vibe, friendly staff and have your nails looking then you definitely want to check this place out.
— 7/19/2016, Loni N. Philadelphia, PA
Went to the first time today and had a great experience!! The salon is nice and clean, the workers are very friendly and take their time to do beautiful work. Plus the prices are pretty reasonable. I paid $55 for a gel manicure and a “sole therapy” pedicure which included callous remover and some special scrub. Will definitely be back here again!!
— 6/23/2016, Stacey P. Philadelphia, PA

So kind and welcoming, with manis that last for weeks! They hosted a bachelorette party for my friend this weekend and we all left satisfied with beautifully done nails. Em is so talented with the nail art!
— 6/13/2016, Rachael K. Tarentum, PA

In L O V E with my Creekside Blue French Mani/Pedi!! Yup the tips are Creekside Blue by Vinylux. Thanks Em!!!
— April 28, 2016, Kathleen M. Upper Darby, PA
Another PERFECT French mani by M!! Real nails with gel polish.
— Kathleen M. Upper Darby, PA
In LOVE with my new mani by Em! Thank you Color - A Grape Affair by OPI
October 29, 2015
— Kathleen M. Upper Darby, PA

Girls here are really nice and patient!!! They can match colors and design nails in a very professional way. It is a pleasant experience to do nail gel here! I will definitely do my nails at this shop in the future!
— 3/1/2016, 伊迪 Philadelphia, PA

The best nail salon I have been in Philly!!! They can do many complicate and beautiful design!!! And you can also download some designs on your phones and show them
— 3/1/2016, Shuying L. Philadelphia, PA
o (4).jpg

I was looking for a place to go in Havertown for a nice relaxing treat with my daughters. We had the best experience here and will definitely return! Posh is nothing like the nail “factories” that are all around. Carol was very personable and professional. She treated us like guests and really made our day special. The shop was clean and we were able to get appointments the same day. Can’t wait to go back!
— 3/10/2016, Liz E. Havertown, PA

My husband and I have been looking for a new nail salon for quite some time now and have FINALLY found a new home!!!! They take their time, are super friendly, clean and you leave happy!!! We will be back in 2 weeks
— 2/21/2016, Rebekka H. Havertown, PA

I love Posh Mani and Pedi. I wish I could keep them as my little secret! Service is always friendly and great. I LOVE the punch card for loyal customers. Carol and Em are amazing artists and could probably put almost any design you could cook up for them on your nails. Or let Carol get creative and freehand it. I’m so glad I found Posh and hope it’s around for a long time
— 10/31/2015, Emily D. Havertown, PA

I’m so excited I found such a great nail salon so close to home. The salon is clean and everyone is super nice and welcoming. My gel manicures last 2+ weeks! I really enjoy coming here & the weekly specials make it that much better. So far I’ve never had to wait too long for service as a walk-in, compared to some of the other natural nail salons where I’ve had to wait 90+ minutes. When I have made an appointment Carol is very good at making sure you’re started on time. This seems like such a hidden gem!! I have definitely found my new nail salon :)
— 10/5/2015, Julie B. Havertown, PA
I was in search for a good mani-pedi place for 10 months before I found this wonderful place! The place is very clean and cozy. Carol is amazing. she knows a lot about nails and totally enjoys her work. I was the last customer for the day and was afraid I will get a shorter mani-pedi as it was about closing time. But I was pleasantly surprised that I was not rushed the least and was given a full 1 hour service. My nails look very pretty and I’m going back there for sure.

P.S.: Spa manicure here is great. Must-try for dry hands.
— 9/20/2015, Shalini D.
Love this place. Prices are very reasonable. It’s spacious and very clean. Does not smell like a nail salon at all! They are meticulous in their work. The massage chairs are fantastic!
— 9/20/2015, Patty O. Drexel Hill, PA
This small shop is a gem in Havertown. You get the Main Line service without the Main Line price. Carol and Em do such great work and amazing free form nail art! My manis and pedis last longer than two weeks, on average. I used to get my nails done in Newtown Square, but this place is so much better and much less expensive.
— 9/5/2015, Christina M. Taylor, PA

I just got a gel manicure. The owner is a young pretty girl who takes pride in her work. She does great designs but I just did polish this round! I well see how my nails hold up but the staff is really professional. All the tools are clean and the salon spacious. Meter parking only.
— 9/2/2015, Jay F. Havertown, PA

I’ve been going to a salon quite a distance away and wanted to find one closer to where I live in Lansdowne. I am very particular about the cleanliness of a nail salon and took my time doing research before I made a decision. I was impressed with all the great reviews about Posh and decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did!! It is extremely clean and everyone is very nice. Before I was seated I saw Tina (the nail technician) cleaning out the foot bath — not just a fast rinse, but an actual cleaning. After I was seated, Tina actually asked me if I had any preferences about my pedi. I was use to the technician doing what they wanted, but she actually took the time to suggest what she would do and make sure I was okay with it. I was extremely impressed!

My pedicure was one of the best I have ever had and I am definitely going back. I love that after so many visits I will get a free pedi. What a great perk. Also, as I was checking out, Carol asked me if everything was to my liking and I could tell she really cared and wanted to know.

I highly recommend Posh Salon. What a great find!!
— 8/26/2015, Denise D. -Lansdowne, PA

Definitely found my new nail spot! The staff here is very friendly and the salon is clean and cute. Great selection of colors and reasonable prices. The manicurists really seem to enjoy and care about what they do. Very happy with the gel mani I got today! Can’t wait to go back for a pedicure.
— 8/15/2015, Jessica W. -Havertown, PA
Carol and the rest of the staff at Posh are very sweet and welcoming! The salon is clean, brightly decorated and there are lots of great polish colors to choose from. My manicure turned out great and it was really reasonably priced! I am so happy to find a salon close by that pays so close attention to service :) I will definitely be back!
— 8/13/2015,Laura B. -Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA

I’ve lived in Havertown my entire life walked by this place many times and I could kick myself for not going on sooner. On a whim I decided to go in for a much needed manicure. They have multiple levels of service at very reasonable competitive prices. Had the HANDS DOWN best manicure I’ve ever received in the Delco region. I had the spa manicure and loved every minute of it! I especially liked they’re loyalty stamp card :) I will definitely be back when I have the time with my mom to get the full mani pedi brow wax routine that we treasure.
A woman was there with her daughter who got her first pedicure and you could tell that the technician really cared about the daughters comfort, in fact the entire staff cares about their clients and don’t rush through the entire process. Very detail oriented in their work!
— 7/23/2015, Éirinn L. -Springfield, PA

I could kick myself for not having stopped into Posh before yesterday. I never thought I could get a spot close enough to park. I parked in the parking lot down the street and it took 2-3 minutes to walk to Posh.

I was given the best manicure and pedicure I have ever had. I enjoyed the easy rapport between myself and Carole. The manicurists were not on their phones and they were not talking to one another. Definitely a plus for me. The manicurists were totally focused on what they were doing and having nice conversations with their clients. I loved the fact that they were using a new set of sealed tools for each customer!!!

I shall now be switching from my old salon, which i went to for almost 8 years. to Posh. Havertown is extremely lucky to have Posh in our neighborhood!!
— 6/21/2015, Felice L. -Havertown, PA

After a rough week at work I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi. I happened to stumble across the great reviews for posh and I’m so glad I did. I can’t say enough good things about my experience here yesterday. Carol was able to accommodate me and fit me in for a gel manicure and a pedicure on short notice. The young lady who did my nails was so friendly and super meticulous! I appreciated how she took her time to make sure my nails looked great. I even got my eyebrows waxed yesterday and carol really impressed me with how well they turned out. Posh was a great little surprise. I really appreciated how friendly everyone was and everyone’s attention detail. They do an awesome job and I will definitely be back!
— 5/31/2015, Grace L. -Philadelphia, PA

4.5-5 stars, I’ll give them the extra .5 on my rating because of their super friendliness!
I’m so glad I stopped in here. It’s right down the street from my house, so that’s super convenient for me. But that’s just luck, I’d drive further if I had to!

I called in the morning to make a 2pm appt. The reason for the -.5 star is that I showed up at 1:55 and wasn’t taken until 2:15 or so, but I never felt rushed during my treatments and appreciated that, so I’m glad that the people before me weren’t rushed either.

They have a special right now, for $29 on certain days between certain times, you get a mani/pedi. I chose that option and asked to upgrade to the heel treatment. There was a minimal charge for the upgrade which I was more than willing to pay since I hadn’t had an actual pedicure since December (5 months!). I ran my first and most likely last full marathon in December and it RUINED my feet, specifically my two big toes. I’d been waiting and waiting for them to grow back and it’s seriously taking forever. My feet along with my toes were just disgusting, so I figured I could go in and worse comes to worst, I could stick a bandaid over my two big toes!

The young lady who helped me was just so polite and welcoming. She didn’t make me feel embarrassed or weird about my gross toes and was super sweet about cleaning them up. We even polished them, which is just funny, but definitely makes me feel less awkward about my ugly feet. It’s amazing how much better you feel about yourself when your feet look pretty!!

We moved on to the manicure next, which was short, sweet and to the point. She did a great job and the polish is perfect. I am only two hours post polish, so I hope it stays nice! I’ll update if it winds up icky in a day. I chose a vinylux polish which is my favorite because it definitely lasts longer than regular polishes and the nice part of posh is that they don’t up charge for vinylux. I always get frustrated when salons do up charge for it, considering I have a collection of it at home and never spend more than I would on a regular bottle of Essie or opi, so charging more for vinylux is ridiculous.

I believe my tech was Tina and she was a doll. Everyone there was super friendly! I will definitely return! They even have a loyalty card, that after 10 visits you get a $20 gift card.
— 5/12/2015, Kim B. -Havertown, PA

So, I wondered if I should write a review because everyone else has hit the “nail” on the head. I travel half an hour to Posh because it is well worth it. My nails look better than ever. Carol takes time to file them beautifully and uses quality products so that the manicures and pedicures last and look great. I’m also grateful that there’s no TV blaring some ridiculous soap opera but instead she has nice relaxing music playing. She also does excellent waxing. The detail she shows in all aspects of her service are exceptional!
— 4/14/2015, Janet P. -Flourtown, PA
I was searching for a new nail place because the gel manicures I was getting were destroying my nails. I found Posh and have been here several times. It’s definitely the best gel manicure I’ve ever gotten. The color selection is great. The place is very well maintained and clean. And everyone is super nice and accommodating. The price are so very good. I pass my many nail salons on my drive to Posh and it’s totally worth it. It’s definitely my go to place now.
— 3/14/2015, Stephanie H. - Narberth, PA

I was taken to Posh by my sister who lives in Havertown. I am so glad she introduced me to Carol and her art. I love this place and have gone several times. When you walk in, you walk into a clean and very welcoming environment. Carol is very friendly and does amazing work. I do not trust everyone to wax my eyebrows but her mother does an amazing job. I feel relaxed and beautiful each time I leave the salon. This is my new nail place even if I have to travel from Folcroft to get my manicure. Carol and her staff have done an excellent job each time. She also has a frequent customer card that gets stamped each time you visit and you can earn a free manicure.

I will absolutely be recommending Posh to my friends and will be returning — they’ve made a loyal customer out of me for sure!
— 2/25/2015, Katty P. -Folcroft, PA

On the hunt for a new nail salon I found Posh — what a hidden gem! The shop is clean, modern and comfortable. I was a walk in at 9:30am when they were opening up and I was taken in right away and lucky enough to be there during a winter special! A beautiful gel manicure for a phenomenal price? Can’t beat it!

I will absolutely be recommending Posh to my friends and will be returning — they’ve made a loyal customer out of me for sure!
— 1/22/2015, Alena N. -Sabattus, ME

I’ve tried all the nail places in havertown and ended up trekking out to bryn Mawr, until I found posh! Clean, pleasant and carol (the new owner of the location) does a great job. She takes a lot of pride in her services and goes above and beyond. I’ve gotten many compliments on my manicures from carol. Such a great addition to the neighborhood!
— 2/11/2015, Margaret E. -Havertown, PA
This was my first time getting a gel manicure here as I am usually very particular where I go. The service was top notch and I couldn’t be more pleased with my manicure! The atmosphere is great and the technicians are extremely friendly. Thank you so much Posh Nails why didn’t I find you sooner!!!!
— 1/21/2015, Chelsea R. -Thorofare, NJ
I don’t want to let this out but this place is great. Both Dianna and Carol did my nails and my daughters as well. They were so nice, very meticulous and helpful. Love the gel mani that is a week old now and still looks amazing. My daughter loved the nail art and can’t wait to go back!
— 12/30/2014, Elizabeth C. -Ardmore, PA

Posh is a hidden gem, but I want to share the secret because I want to make sure they stay in business and grow. This is everything you could want in a nail salon: sweet employees with impeccable English, super clean (they use a new set of sealed tools for every customer every time), super cute space, midweek specials, and really great gel manis that actually last as long as they’re supposed to. I went in today for the 3rd time, and I got a holiday gel mani. I was originally just getting a solid color, but Linda asked if I’d like to have some gold nail art added to my red nails. Her daughter Carol did the gold part, and it turned out so gorgeous! They were never pushy and didn’t even charge me extra for the nail art (it might have been because I’d been there before, but I don’t suggest you go in expecting the nail art gratis.) A gel mani is $25, which is a total bargain, especially because it lasts a couple weeks.

I was little worried about their limited hours, but I called once to ask if they could see me after I got out of work, and they were able to accommodate me and did a beautiful, unrushed job. Many of the staff live above the shop, so chances are, someone will be available if you can’t get in at the open hours.

There’s not much else right around here (though it is the same strip as Kettle), and I’ve never seen more than 2 other customers in there at the same time as me, so I worry about them getting enough business. But honestly, when word gets out about them, I’m sure it will pick up.

One thing to note: they only do natural nails (no acrylic), so it doesn’t have that horrible nail salon smell. I suppose this is a negative if you like acrylics, though. Plus side is that it’s a nice place to go if you have kids and are worried about the fumes. I also heard that they paint kids’ nails for only $5!

I highly recommend Posh!
— 12/21/2014, Alison K. - Market East, Philadelphia, PA

I just came in today for a gel manicure and it was probably one of the best nail salons that I have gone to. There was only other other woman there so they took me right in. I had already had a gel manicure prior from another place and they did a horrible job so it took a while to get all of the layers off of my nail. Carol’s mom did everything prior to the nail painting and then Carol came and finished off my manicure. Carol was very friendly and easy to talk to, I told her the problems that I had from the place that I got my manicure last and she said she would do the best she could, and she did! My manicure looks great and the polish is all over my nail unlike last time. She got the polish right to where my skin/cuticle was which is great so it doesn’t look like I need another manicure in a week. I will definitely be back in two weeks! It’s a cute little nail salon and Carol is great!
— 10/21/2014, Samantha P. -Philadelphia, PA

I went into Posh today for a gel manicure. I was a little nervous at first. I’ve been going to a place I love in Newtown Square, but I figured I’d give Posh a try since their prices are more reasonable than the place I usually go to. I took my two daughters with me. Carol did my gel manicure. She was extremely meticulous, and she listened to all of my requests. She took her time and made sure I was happy with everything.

Carol’s sister, Dianna polished my daughter’s nails. Carol’s mom polished my other daughter’s nails. We were all very happy with the end result. The place is quaint, clean and calming. They are very attentive and willing to listen. They have a good amount of gel colors, and they use LED lighting. I absolutely recommend this salon to everyone and will definitely return.
— 10/19/2014, Dotty D. - Havertown, PA

Just stopped in randomly this afternoon... I needed a quick polish change and my daughter wanted a pedi. They were fabulous.... Warm and welcoming. You cannot beat the price and the salon is so clean. We will make this our regular nail salon!
— 11/16/2014, Cora W. -Havertown, PA
I just visited for the first time a most wonderful salon, Posh!! It was everything you want to find and experience at a salon...beautiful and clean; uses only the best products; owner/operator Linda is puuuuurfectly lovely and gave me the best pedicure I have ever had; I can’t wait to return! I wish her and her family the best and wish her the greatest of success!!!
— 8/5/2014, Jo Ann C. -Havertown, PA
The service, the quality of the work and the cleanliness of this place is amazing. Carol is meticulous in her work and it shows. I will definitely be coming back to Posh.
— 10/4/2014, Zepiur T. -Upper Darby, PA

I got a gel manicure and a posh pedicure a week and a day ago. I wanted to wait to write a review to see how the gel polish held up! Well, I’m typing with perfect nails!

I am very impressed by the salon layout, it’s beautiful and modern and no harsh smells that usually give me a headache! Carol was very attentive and thorough with my gel manicure, well worth the money (which is still very affordable).

I’d recommend Posh to anyone, and I’ll definitely be using them for my upcoming wedding :)
— 8/7/2014, Vicki G. -Havertown, PA

This place is my new mani/pedi place. Hands down the BEST pedicure I’ve ever had. Linda gave me the posh pedicure and spent almost an hour massaging my achy feet and legs. They don’t use chemicals which is great and the owner/staff couldn’t be nicer. They went so far as to put a few (of their own) quarters into my car meter when I mentioned I forgot since they apparently ticket quite frequently. I had a $19 groupon coupon and was pampered for 90 minutes. I loved their massage chairs and was extremely impressed with my mani/pedi. Because they are new they didn’t have enough staff to accommodate me and my girls friends from work (5 of us total) but hopefully as they grow they will be able to because its definitely an excellent nail salon.
— 9/24/2014, Amy R. -Drexel Hill, PA

I received a gel manicure and pedicure. The staff are so nice and accommodating. It is a really clean, beautiful salon.
— 10/9/2014, Rachael K. -Wynnewood, PA
This is the best mani and pedi that I have had in a while! The owner did such a great job making sure I was happy with everything! I will definitely be back!!
— 8/6/2014, Kelly T. Exton, PA

Beautiful gel manicure! The salon atmosphere here is lovely. It was light, bright, super clean and very friendly! I have been to many nail salons in the area and I have definitely found my favorite. No yucky acrylic smells, loud TVs, or chatting amongst employees. This place is calm and relaxing. The focus was on my nails and it really shows. Thanks Carol!
— 7/16/2014, Sarah M. -Drexel Hill, PA
Carol just gave me a wonderful manicure and pedicure! All the staff was extremely friendly and you can tell they genuinely care about their clients and the quality of work they do. The recently renovated shop looks amazing and it is extremely clean. I have not been able to find a steadily great nail salon until I came here! Highly recommend to everyone. I LOVE how they switched their products to all natural and eco friendly. Well worth every penny! THANK YOU POSH!
— 7/11/2014, Meg M. -Havertown, PA